Books & Co.: Taking over the internet!

Well fans, friends and family of Books & Co.? We have (finally) entered blogdom!

Let’s start with some Ws!

What is this?

This is a blog.  As you may know, a blog (or “web log”) is a collection of the author’s (or authors’) own experiences, observations and opinions.  This blog is to be a discussion of the culture of Our Northern Capital. Books & Company is fortunate to be situated in the downtown core of Prince George, BC. There is so much going on around us here, and we want to explore all of it! Of course we are very interested in reviews of Books & Co., Cafe Voltaire and Artspace events, but we also want to post things about Prince George that may have very little to do with Books & Co.! Our culture comes from the culture of our city and her amazing citizens!

We want delve into the world of Prince George’s musical events, author visits, book launches and science lectures, as well as our feelings about the latest and greatest in the world of literature, local sporting events, downtown revitalization plans, what we expect for 2015 and why we just can’t resist Michael Scott, Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin: Scranton!

Who are we?

We are Books & Company, Prince George’s favourite independent bookshop!  The brainchild of store owner Jim Brinkman.  Books & Co. has been in PG for over fifteen years now and has been an important player in the shaping of the culture of the city’s downtown – perhaps the city itself.  Contributing to this blog will be Books & Co. employees, past and present, our friends, family and fans.  You know what this means, folks. . . .

We want you!  You attend our events, you read books and magazines, you feel strongly about what’s going on in PG – we want your input!  If you have something to say, say it! We would love to accept your submissions to our blog!  (If you are interested, please visit our submissions page for more information.)

When will we post?

It is exceedingly frustrating to follow a blog that is not consistently updated.  Though we cannot promise to share our words of wisdom with you daily, we do promise to give you something at least once a week!  If you are fans of us on Facebook, or loyal Twitter followers, you will know we’ve blogged as soon as we know!

Why are we doing this?

Just like you, we’re interested in Prince George.  We love our events and our city, we love to read, and we love to blather on and on about the things we love!  We’re very interested in discussing our opinions and yours.  The good, the bad and the ugly, folks – we want to discover Prince George’s secrets and explore all this fantastic little city has to offer!

There you have it, folks.  We’ll be making up the rules as we go, based on experience we pick up and feedback from you.  Well beyond the importance of your submissions of reviews, thoughts, rants and best new slam poem, we want your feedback.  Let us know how we’re doing by commenting on our posts, or emailing us (again, see our submissions page for more information) if you’re shy!

We look forward to discussing Prince George with you!  Have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by!

(This post brought to you by three (almost four) year Books & Co. veteran Kim G: blogger and Neil Gaiman addict.)



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2 responses to “Books & Co.: Taking over the internet!

  1. Carolyn McGhee

    I just want to leave a message for the man who sold me The Best Laid Plans, yesterday – sorry I have forgotten your name, again! I was trying (and failing) to remember the name of the book by remembering the whole quotation “the best laid plans of mice and men”, because I thought the Steinbeck book Of Mice And Men would help me, but it didn’t! Anyway, of course the original quotation is Robert Burns, and if we had looked, it’s right there at the beginning of the novel! I hope it’s a page-turner.

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