Kevin Hutchings at Café Voltaire!

Kevin Hutchings:  University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) professor extraordinaire, William Blake enthusiast, recording artist, rock star.

Last night (February 25th) Dr. Kevin Hutchings graced Books & Co. and the Café Voltaire stage for the shindig celebrating the release of his third album, “Light to Shine”!  As always, the show was phenomenal.  Kevin crooned some of his tried-and-true tunes, introduced us to a few new ditties, and showed the crowd why George Gordon Lord Byron is the rock star of the Romantic Era.

Café Voltaire was packed for the show last night!  Books & Co. Friday night regulars were in attendance along with UNBC faculty, Kevin’s students (current and past) and curious passers by.

Whenever Kevin Hutchings takes the stage, the audience is in for a treat.  Not only is he a phenomenal musician – singing, strumming his guitar and showing off his harmonica skills – but he is a spellbinding storyteller.  Each of his songs has a story behind it, and that story is as much fun to listen to as the song itself.  I have been fortunate enough to have seen Kevin in two other Café Voltaire shows on Friday nights (and one stint at the Great Santa Claus Debate at UNBC seven years ago, give or take).  As with those shows, Kevin invited local troubadour (and Café Voltaire Friday Night Event Director) Eric Tompkins an stage to jam with him.  An outstanding duo, complementing each other beautifully.

I had the chance to have a quick chat with Kevin between sets.  He, very cheerfully, let me know that the Café Voltaire stage is his favourite to frequent.  In fact, he said that playing Café Voltaire was like playing in his own living room.  Folks, this has less to do with the physical ambiance of Books & Co. and (much, much) more to do with you.  Part of what makes Kevin Hutchings such an engaging performer is that he’s so comfortable with what he does.  He addresses his audience as though they’ve been friends for years (and in some cases they have), and his audience treats him in the same relaxed, comfortable manner . . . although we tend to be a little awe-struck, too.

An outstanding show by Kevin Hutchings and Eric Tompkins!  Thank you gentlemen, you are phenomenal and Prince George is so very lucky to have you.

This post (also) brought to you by Kim G.

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