May 31 – Upcoming Events Email!

Welcome to a good and proper Spring, PG!

This Friday, June 6th, at 8pm we are psyched to have Vancouver (originally a Manitoba prairie boy) singer/songwriter Marc Ross climb up on the Café Voltaire stage!  This acoustic pop performer will have your toes tapping in no time, folks – you should definitely check this free show out!

Not only is it (finally) Spring in BC, but it’s Spring in Books & Co. and Café Voltaire!  Take advantage of the double-digit temperatures and try one of our new fruit smoothies or our amazing made-to-order Italian sodas!  When you have that cool drink in hand, saunter over to the bookstore and check out our selection of gardening, landscaping and tree-house-building books and set yourself up for a fantastic summer full of fun projects!

Did you know that Books & Co. offers a children’s story time every Saturday morning at 10am?  We do!  Our lovely and amazing bookster Asia invites your wee gaffers into fantastic new worlds and teaches them about manners, how to hunt bears (swishy, swashy through long wavy grass) and the gastrointestinal problems faced by contemporary canines with the use of our favourite children’s books!  Bring the family in, and leave the kids in Asia’s care while you enjoy a coffee and a browse around the bookshop!

Have you visited the bookstore recently only to be confounded by a missing piece of Books & Co. culture?  It’s true fans, friends and family, the cat has left us.  Our favourite little gold good-luck kitty was overwhelmed by its natural curiosity and has decided to venture forth and explore the world!  Now this news is bittersweet.  On one hand we greatly mourn the loss of our feline friend, but on the other hand the little gaffer’s been kind enough to send us pictures of its travels!  We have those pictures in an album on our Books & Co. Facebook page if you’d like to keep tabs on the tabby!  (You absolutely do not have to be a Facebook subscriber to view our Facebook FanPage and the photos on it!)

That’s it for this week, folks!  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook (we love your feedback), Twitter and on our fantastic homepage!

Have a great week!


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