June 7 – Upcoming Events Email!

Guten tag, Prince George!

The rumours are true Prince George, this Friday (June 10th) is Open Mic Night in Café Voltaire!  Polish up those knee-whackin’ musical spoons, or write a sonnet describing your complete adoration of the Vancouver Canucks . . . and would someone please bring a didgeridoo, we really want to hear one!  The show starts at 8pm, but you should probably be early – Open Mic Night is a heckuva thing and the timeslots go like hotcakes!

We have another new book for all you local history buffs!  Local gent Ray Olson just published his first book From Liaboe to Loos and Beyond.  Here’s what Ray had to say about his book: “[the] book is a collection of stories and photographs tracing the Olson/Liaboe family’s migration from Liaboe, Norway to the U.S. and on to the Fraser River/Robson Valley. I decided to write the book because so many of my family members had different stories of our family’s origins. There was so much controversy about it.”  Sounds like a fantastic read, and for only $24?  A steal!

Folkmanis, “the most innovative, creative, puppet maker in the world,” has come to Books & Co.!  You should see these puppets, folks – they are so cool!  In fact, don’t take our word for it, come down and check them out for yourself!  As we’re right in the middle of an awesome Spring, gearing up for a fantastic Summer, the kids are keen to play outside – why not give their imaginations a little boost with a puppet troupe to perform with?

Father’s Day is also rapidly approaching – Sunday June 19th – and Books & Co. is aiming to make it painless and stress-free to pick the perfect gift for that special fellah on your list.  We have a great selection of Father’s Day gifts laid out on the back table (right in front of the cookbooks), and if you don’t like those we have an entire store for you to shop through!

Are you curious about banned and challenged books?  Do you spend countless hours wondering what goes through the minds of people who dictate that a book is banned from a school, library or country?  If you do, we want you!  Booksters Erin and Kim G have been hosting an unofficial Books & Co. bookclub for just about a year now, discussing banned and challenged books with some of PG’s finest minds, and they’re looking for new membership!  The next book on the docket is Capote’s In Cold Blood and is available now at the shop – the meeting will be on Sunday Jun 26th at 3pm in Café Voltaire!  (If you have any questions or comments about the book club, please feel free to send us a message over Facebook, 140 characters (or less) on Twitter, or email us at booksandcopg@gmail.com.)

That’s it for this week, folks!  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook (we love your feedback), Twitter and on our fantastic homepage!

Have a great week!


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