August 10 – Upcoming Events Email!

Welcome to another stunning week and the beginning of the PGX weekend!

This Friday, August 12th, we have southern Ontario belle Andrea Gauster in Café Voltaire!  Andrea’s mission this week: “to folk you up!”  Please come down to the shop at 8pm this Friday for an amazing show presented by this gifted singer/songwriter!  As always, we’re proud to present this show completely free of charge!

We have a super special treat for all of our writers, wannabe-writers and anyone entertaining the thought of someday putting a pen to a piece of paper for any reason whatsoever THIS Wednesday, August 10th!  C’mon down to Café Voltaire at 7pm for a meeting with the members of the Federation of BC Writers!  This event will be hosted by PG darling Vivien Lougheed (FBCW’s Northern Representative), will feature an introduction to the Federation by FBCW President (the honourable) Craig Spence, and will be graced by readings from local legends Jacqueline Baldwin, Joylene Nowell Butler (who you may remember from this month’s author visit to Café Voltaire) and a host of other awesome homegrown talent!  Another amazing event you do not want to miss!

Remember when we told you that local gent Ray Olson just published his first book From Liaboe to Loos and Beyond, which he described as “a collection of stories and photographs tracing the Olson/Liaboe family’s migration from Liaboe, Norway to the U.S. and on to the Fraser River/Robson Valley?”  Well guess what!  Ray is slated to visit the shop on Saturday August 21st at 1pm for a signing and chit-chat about his exciting new book!  This is another absolutely free event and we strongly encourage your attendance, it’s going to be fascinating!

Author of House Calls by Dogsled and Cold Land, Warm Hearts and another of Books & Co.’s favourites, Keith Billington is returning to the shop on Tuesday August 23rd! You may remember Keith from one of his past visits to Books & Co. and if you do, you’ll remember the stories he’s told about the times when he and his wife Muriel lived in a village just South of Inuvik and how they provided stanch care throughout the 1960s, most importantly you’ll remember that they have incredible tales of sending a dogsled over a frozen waterfall, or of being towed behind a snowmobile on a frozen river while wearing water skiis, all in the line of duty!  If you don’t remember, haven’t heard the stories before, or are just super interested in this amazing man and his breathtaking stories, please visit the store at 7pm for a slideshow, signing and chat with Keith about his life and work!  This event is absolutely free and we can’t wait to see you there!

On Wednesday August 24th we have a fantastic adventure in music for you!  Join us upstairs as Ingrid Gatin and Matthew Tomlinson take the Artspace stage at 8pm!  Gatin, one of Winnipeg’s finest, is travelling across Canada “with her signature accordion, piano, vocals, handclaps, foot-stomps and tambourine!”  Tickets are $10 each and are available at Books & Co.!

May we jog your memory again?  Do you recall the book Policing the Fringe: The Curious Life of a Small-Town Mountie?  Well!  The author of that popular book, Charles Scheideman, is at it again!  He has recently released a new book Tragedy on Jackass Mountain: More Stories from a Small-Town Mountie to add more of his incredible experiences as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, harnessing the same wry humour you loved in his first book!  Better yet?  Scheideman will be at Books & Co. on Saturday September 10th at 2pm to chat with you, swap shop talk, read from his new book and sign your dog-earred copy!  Don’t miss this event!

If you’ve found that you’re not a big fan of banned books and nitty-gritty non-fiction just aren’t your bag, we’ve got another opportunity for you to get your book on!  This brand new book club is geared to get you and your lil’ tyke out of the house, get you some much needed adult conversation and get you as far away from Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po and Tinky Winky as is physically possible!  That’s right folks, a Mom and Dad book club, the Shhhh, Mommy’s (or Daddy’s) Reading book club – specially designed for new parents who need to get out of the house.  The books discussed will not just be about babies and parenting, but we promise that they will be easy to read while Little Angel is taking a nap and so riveting you won’t want to put them down at bedtime!  The first meeting for this book club is Monday September 12th at 10am in Café Voltaire and the first books to read and discuss are The Help by Katherin Stockett and Click, Clack, Moo Cows that Type by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin.  Can’t wait to see you!

That’s it for this week, folks!  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook (we love your feedback), Twitter (140 characters or less) and on our fantastic homepage!

Enjoy the rest of your (beautiful sun-shiny) week!  For those of you attending the 99th Annual PGX – have a wonderful, safe and super fabulous time!  For the rest of you – you have a wonderful, safe and super fabulous time, too!


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