The lost art of letter writing

Remember the feeling of opening your mailbox to find something other than a bill or a flyer or a magazine?  A handwritten letter from a friend or family member brings a special kind of joy.  With email and texting and Facebook and Twitter it seems like we’re more connected than ever, but nothing replaces a handwritten letter. Maybe it has an oddly shaped envelope, or is written in an interesting colour, or maybe it had extra scribbles in the margins because the writer doodled while they were thinking of what to say, but a handwritten letter is unique and we want to bring it back!

So Books and Company (and Café Voltaire) is starting a letter writing club.  Come in (bring stationary, extra to share or trade if you want) and just write.  Write to your best friend from high school who moved away and you haven’t seen for 10 years or write to your grandma who you always mean to write to but can never seem to find the time or write to your niece who just learned to read and you want to introduce the joy of a handwritten letter to.  We don’t care who you write to, or what you write (and we won’t judge your handwriting) we just want people to start writing and sending (and hopefully receiving) letters again.

So, come in on Monday, December 12 at 6:30 pm for the first installment of the Prince George Correspondents’ Club.  We’ll have coffee (free for letter writers) and stamps available (also free for letters sent to Canadian recipients) and we’ll make sure your letter makes it to a Canada Post mailbox.

It’s December so we suggest you write Christmas letters or even Letters to Santa, but it’s up to you what you write!


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2 responses to “The lost art of letter writing

  1. Nice! Great idea, Books!

    I’m big into letter writing! It’s so lovely, as you say, to get an actual, legit letter (just received a 10-pager from a good friend last week)! I’ll try to stop by (to write 10 pages back)!

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