It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Books & Co News for the Holidays

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Decorations are up all over town, big fluffy snowflakes have been seen floating through the air and there’s been a distinctive increase in the number of sleigh bells heard around downtown.  Café Voltaire, ArtSpace and Books & Co are in the Christmas spirit too with a number of holiday related events and specials! We want you to love the holidays as much as we do so come in for a festive eggnog latte and a stress free holiday shopping session.  Let our fantastic booksters suggest titles for all the readers (even the reluctant readers) on your list and finish off your trip with a Café Voltaire Holiday Goodies Tray that will make your office party or holiday family gathering that much more festive.

The Café Voltaire Holiday Goodies Trays are filled with fresh baked holiday treats certain to warm the heart.  They’re as fast and easy as a Costco tray, but they look and taste so much better! These freshly baked plates of holiday cheer are perfect for office parties and family get-togethers.  The trays come in a variety of sizes to suit any office or family event.  They are sure to bring a smile to even the grinchest Grinch! Drop in and pick up a menu right away!

And Books & Co, Café Voltaire and ArtSpace have got a whole host of events leading up to the holiday season.

Tickets are still available (but going fast so call or drop by soon) for our very first Books & Company Breakfast with Santa! On Sunday, December 11 at 8:00 am, Santa has fit us into his busy schedule for the first time this year and we want to make sure that all of the good little girls and boys who love stories get a chance to meet him! There will be a fantastic breakfast featuring French toast with berries and whipped cream, bacon and fruit salad and a Christmas story time and craft!  Santa’s excited and so are we! Tickets are only $10!

Tonight, (Wednesday, November 30) November Fränzi Ng is coming in to Café Voltaire to present How to Succeed in Any Economy: Overcoming the 17 Classic Business Performance Blocks, a business performance workshop based on the best-selling book Straight-Up Leadership by Dusan Djukich  This workshop powerfully addresses the 17 classic business performance issues that are costing entrepreneurs and business owners a fortune in lost revenue, opportunity, time, energy, sleep, relationships, and happiness.  This is the perfect book for the entrepreneur on your list!

And to celebrate the end of Movember (and the return of the naked upper lip) today Café Voltaire and Books & Co staff will all be wearing mustaches (even the women will be sticking on some below the nose hair) and donating any tips received to the deserving cause of Prostate Cancer Research.  So, drop in for a coffee, muffin, soup, sandwich and a laugh!  But don’t forget to tip your hirsute server!

On Friday, December 2 at 8:00 we’ve got a special treat for our Friday Night Mics series in Cafe VoltaireDawn Boudreau is bringing in PG’s premiere glee club the Wannaglees! This toe tapping good time is not to be missed and will be free, as always! Come in and unwind after a busy pre-Christmas week.

Or, if you need to be convinced about the existence of Santa (we don’t he’s coming to Books & Co for Breakfast on December 11) you can drop by The 18th Annual Great Santa Claus Debate at the Canfor Theatre at UNBC at 7:00 pm on Friday, December 2.  There are many questions that academics try to answer, but at this time of the year, probably none is more pressing than “Is there a Santa Claus?” Once again, two teams of scholars from various disciplines will take a hilarious look at the serious scholarly question of whether or not we should believe. Join in the fun and cast your vote for the existence of the man in red.  The Pro-Santa side is represented by Heather Smith (INTS), Dana Wessell Lightfoot (HIST), and Charles Scott (Comm) and The Evil-doers are Matthew Church (UNBC Student), Matias Margulis (INTS), and Sascha Auerbach (HIST).  The Debate will be judged by CBC Radio Personality, the Right Honourable Wil Fundal and admission is free.

Saturday, December 3 is a big day for Books & Co!  We start out the day with a signing of Zachary’s Gold by Quesnel author Stan Krumm at 11:00 am. Zachary’s Gold is a ripping yarn of old time Barkerville and the wild west conditions found in the goldfields of the 1860s.  This is a great book for the history lover, the historical fiction lover or the thriller lover on your list this Christmas.

Then at 2:00 pm Jo Selkirk is coming in to launch her wonderful new memoir Journeys with Jo Selkirk.  In her nearly 100 years, Jo has travelled the world and seen it change in a myriad of ways.  This is the book everyone says they’ll write one day, but Jo finally did.  Come in and help her celebrate this achievement and her amazing life.  There will be readings from the book by her friends and family and Jo will sign copies for you! This is a wonderful gift for the world traveler or biography lover in your life.

Saturday, December 3 is capped off with a wonderful concert in ArtSpace! The voice students of Lyn Vernon, including our illustrious boss Jim Brinkman, are presenting their Christmas recital concert at 7:00 pm.  Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children and available at the door.  Jim says it’s well worth the price of admission!

Then on Sunday, December 4 at 2:00 pm, Susan Smith-Josephy will be in to talk about her new book Lillian Alling: The Journey Home.  This is a fascinating tale of a very determined woman who turned her home sickness into an amazing journey.  In 1926, Lillian Alling got sick of New York and decided to go home and for her that meant walking from New York to Dawson City in the Yukon and then sailing, alone, down the Yukon River all the way to the Bering Sea in order to get back to her beloved Russia.  This is an amazing book for the history lover, the biography lover and the women’s literature lover on your list this year.

Monday, December 5 at 7:00 pm Literary Karaoke is BACK! This month’s theme is Winter Holidays, but as always you don’t have to read to the theme.  You can pick anything that you really want to share, that you feel needs to see the light of day and that will capture your audience’s attention! You’ve got 3 minutes, a mic and an audience to entertain.  What will you read?

Then on Wednesday, December 7 at 7:00 pm we’ve got the hilarious Bob Robertson (one half of the Canadian comedy duo Double Exposure) talking about his new and fantastic book Mayan Horror: How to Survive the End of the World in 2012.  If you believe some people, this is our last Christmas season but Bob Robertson’s new book gives you a rough guide to surviving the coming apocalypse.  He’ll answer questions like: Who are the Mayans? Is Maya Angelou one of them? Are oven mitts useful against the earth’s molten core? Is there a team of disaster DJs and news-readers ready to swing into action on the Emergency Alert System and do they take requests? Will the Diefenbunker protect you against landslides, unlike the one that crushed the Diefenbaker? Should you start collecting pairs of animals? Mayan Horror: How to Survive the End of the World in 2012 is the handbook you’ll want to have in your pocket when the Mayan Calendar ticks down and all hell breaks loose.

And on Saturday, December 10 at 11:00 am we’ve got 2 local children’s book authors signing copies of their charming work.  Margaret Pascuzzo will be in to sign copies of her delightful Anton Series as well as A Sad Day in the Desert and Joey’s First Christmas.  And Coral Chen will also be in signing copies of her beautifully illustrated translated Chinese fables The Old Man Who Lost His Horse and When Winter Fades Away.  These are both excellent books for young readers on your list!

On Saturday, December 10th, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at ArtSpace, you are invited by Amnesty International members in Prince George to celebrate International Human Rights Day and be part of the largest global human rights event of the year by commemorating the 63rd anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  You will have the chance to support people whose human rights are being violated around the world by writing letters to those abusing folks and/or by signing greeting cards to folks being abused through Write for Rights.  We will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of Amnesty International with an anniversary cake.  Entertainment provided.  Please join us for a positive event! Doors open at 6:30 pm.

Have you been putting off your Christmas Cards? Then maybe you should join the new Prince George Correspondents’ Club! The first meeting is scheduled for December 12 at 6:30 pm in Café Voltaire.  Come in and write to whomever you want about whatever you want and help us revive the lost art of letter writing.  Bring stationary (extra if you want to share or trade) and just write.  We’ll supply coffee for letter writers and stamps for letters to be mailed within Canada.  And it’s December so we suggest you write Christmas letters or bring in the kids to write Letters to Santa.

And remember, if you’ve got a club, group or organization that needs a place to meet, Café Voltaire has the perfect atmosphere!

That’s it for this week, folks!  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook (we love your feedback), Twitter (140 characters or less), our blog and on our fantastic homepage!


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