Why Give a Book This Christmas?

Beyond the fact that book sales keep me in a job and keep Books & Co running, giving a book for Christmas is good for the giver and the receiver.  In this time of never stop, go, go, go, rush, rush, hurry hard, a book is an invitation to quiet and calm and selecting the right book for your friend or parent or partner forces you to think carefully about them.

For me, books seem like the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of Christmas.  If you give a book to a loved one, you invite them to stop and take time quietly to themselves, to live in their own imaginations for a while, whether it’s fiction or not. You invite them to step into the world the author has created and sit quietly, lost in the narrative.

A book is also a personal gift, a present that says, “I’ve thought about your likes and tastes and contemplated what I think you’d like to read, how I think you’d like to spend your time, what you’re interested in.” A piece of brick-a-brack or a knickknack, a gift card or a sweater doesn’t convey that same sense of thought.

You might not know exactly what book to get until you come in and browse, but giving a book forces you to take the time to think about the recipient, what they like, what they like to do, and who they are. And we’re ready to help you figure out the perfect book for your loved one.  The booksellers at Books & Co love to help you find the right thing and we’re full of helpful suggestions and knowledge.

I know not everyone is a reader, not everyone wants to put down their electronic toys (heaven knows I love my iPhone) and read, but a book is an invitation even if it’s not accepted.  So, invite someone to some peace this holiday season and give a book for Christmas.

– Nicole Larson

Events and Planner and Coordinator

Books & Company

Prince George, BC


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One response to “Why Give a Book This Christmas?

  1. Done and done! Books & Co. helped me with some very difficult-to-shop-for people this year! I’m psyched for them to open their books. New adventures all around.

    (I know I’d dig a new book for the holidays . . . winkwinknudgenudge.)

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