Thank you. All of you.

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I just got home.  Just walked in the door.  Just sat down.

I need to say thank you.  To you.  All of you.  And to Books & Co.

Because of a personal scheduling mishap I was able to pick up a shift tonight to help a friend.  This was the first time I’d worked the Books & Co. register for the better part of two years.  After I got my bearings and started to lose some of my OMG-what-am-I-doing-!? stress, I had a blast!

I got to play with books, talk about books, got to know one of your amazing Booksters I had not had the pleasure of working with until this evening, caught up with some of my favourite (regular) people and was able to catch Eric Tompkins and Tom Young in action!  You made it possible.  You, the outstanding patrons ofPrince George’s favourite independent bookshop.  And you, the phenomenal Booksters and Voltarians – the people I look up to and envy the heck out of!

Thank you, all of you, for making this an awesome night!  You are truly the finest that Prince George has to offer.  You absolutely rock!

City and Colour – Fragile Bird



This post brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood Kim “G-Unit” G: former Books & Co. bookster, current UNBC bookster and constant reader.
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