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June 22 – Upcoming Events Email!

It’s finally here, folks!  Summer!

Let’s start this season off right and proper!  This Friday (June 24th) we’re pretty excited to host Jeremy Stewart & Co. on the Café Voltaire stage!  Does Jeremy need an introduction!?  We don’t think so!  C’mon down to the shop at 8pm and bring your best toe-tappin’ shoes for this showcasing of one of Prince George’s favourite Renaissance Men!

Thursday June 23rd marks the return of one of our Books & Co. favourites!  Adam Pottle, PG poet and academic who has recently put down roots in Saskatoon, is coming back to the bookstore for the launch of his new poetry collection Beautiful Mutants.  This new anthology features the world of disability, “illuminating it with an idiom that is both unsettling and exhilarating.  [Pottle’s] subjects are gritty and multifarious: amputee sex swingers; drug-related shootings; institutionalized adolescents coerced into sterilization.”  We’ll see you at 7pm for a taste of Pottle’s genius and an opportunity to catch up with a fan favourite!

We have another fabulous author event on Saturday June 25th!  Local poet and photographer Don Neufeld will be visiting the bookstore from 1pm until 3pm to debut (and sign) his new book Song for a Midsummer Morning.  Passionate about his crafts, Don is excited to talk shop, or just about the beauty of nature and the nature of beauty, with you!  Please don’t hesitate to stop by his table for a visit!

For those of you not flocking to the CN Centre to witness The Hottest Band in the World (. . . KISS!) on June 29th, we’re offering an awesome alternative!  The Mip Power Trio will be taking the Artspace stage (by storm) at 8pm!  Mip has been described as “one of the most dynamic songwriters on the independent scene in Toronto,” and this show will absolutely not disappoint!  Tickets are $10 each and are available at Books & Co.

We have a new staff member for you to come say hello to, folks!  Next time you’re in the neighbourhood, stop in and welcome our new Events Planner and Coordinator Nicole Larson to the fray!  We’re super excited to have Nicole on the team and can’t wait to work with her to set up some truly outrageous events for you.

Do you have a (fantastic) community group in need of more volunteers, or new avenues of exposure or awareness?  You’re in luck – our new Bookster Nicole has set up an awesome program for you!  Several times a month, Northern BC’s favourite indie bookshop will be inviting local organizations, groups, businesses and clubs up to the mic to show us who they are and what they’re all about!  Give Nicole a shout at the store, or email her at booksandcompanyevents@gmail.com if you’d like to schedule a “Community Talk,” or if you have questions, comments or input!

That’s it for this week, folks!  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook (we love your feedback), Twitter (140 characters or less) and on our fantastic homepage!

Have a great week and bask in all of this summery glory!

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