Submission Guidelines

So you’d like to be a part of the Books & Co. submission team!

Welcome aboard!

Before you write (or before you submit what you’ve already written) we have some housekeeping to take care of:

  1. Spam, pornography, offensive content, and profanity are not acceptable and will be rejected.
  2. All guest posts must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.  Books & Co. reserves the right to proof-read all submissions and edit where needed.
  3. All submissions must be original in content and must not be previously published elsewhere online.  Books & Co. reserves the right to verify the originality of your work.
  4. If using outside media (photography, video, quotations, etc) in a submission, site your source and link back to the originator.
  5. Guest posts may include a 1-5 sentence bio of the author, which will be included at the conclusion of the article.  1-2 relevant, personal links may also be included with this bio (for example: a link to a personal blog and/or website).
  6. This blog is for Books & Co. and will not be used as a personal marketing tool.  We love Prince George and we love independent businesses.  We will happily accept reviews and recommendations, but will not serve as a platform for self-promotion.
  7. Articles must be useful to this blog’s audience.

Please send submissions, comments, questions or other feedback to:

Thank you, so much!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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